Student Services

To adequately prepare students to be great practitioners, it’s important that they not only receive great classroom instruction, but great clinical experience and instruction.  AHEC Rotations provide health profession students a broad range of practice experiences in a supportive, professional community. These rotations take place in small cities or rural locations and in underserved communities all across the state of Kentucky. Students are assigned to preceptors/clinical instructors either by their program liaison or by the clinical education coordinator. The program addresses the advantages and challenges of providing health services to a rural community through a variety of experiences including interdisciplinary opportunities and community service.                                                                                                            

To that end, students enrolled in one of the UK health professions programs may be required to complete one or more immersive community-based clinical experiences away from the University.  These experiences range in duration, but must be at least three weeks in length.  The AHEC program is committed to supporting these activities for UK students.  Annually, the AHEC program helps support over roughly 1200 clinical rotations by providing support services and stipends to students.  Support services include stipends for rent and mileage/travel costs incurred during the rotation.  The AHEC program also supports these community-based clinical experience by providing information on housing options and the local area where the rotation is taking place.

Northeast AHEC

Jessica Caudill

Sue Russell

Southeast AHEC

Kathy Sampsell

Southern AHEC

Sherry Spragens

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Janeen Winters


Martha Pleasant

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Veronica Drake

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Kim Mapp

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Aime Rice