KY Health Careers Pipeline Program

The Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) across the state provide programming with the goal of increasing the number of students at all levels that successfully pursue educational programs and careers in health professions. The pipeline program provides a series of experiences and activities for students interested in pursuing a health career. They are designed to promote health careers at each stage of the education experience, from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Programming includes one or two day showcases, summer camps as well as more coordinated, longitudinal experiences that are designed to give students a more in depth experience across a number of days/weeks and months and help give them the tools to successfully advance throughout their academic pathway.

Examples of pipeline programming include:

  • Large scale one-day showcases that bring together a number of different health care professionals under one roof in a way that gives students an opportunity to experience a particular field of interest.
  • Customized programs and workshops in schools and community venues.
  • Health Career “Clubs” for students.
    • Depending upon the specific AHEC, these clubs may meet weekly or monthly and allow students in depth opportunities to learn from and observe health care professionals through presentations, tours, shadowing and the use of demonstration models.
  • Summer Health Career Camps
    • Camps may be campus or community based and involve students commuting to sessions each day, or they may be residential in nature. The duration of any summer camps vary in length from region to region.

Most of these activities are available and open to any student in Kentucky interested in a health career. There is special emphasis on Kentucky’s most rural and underserved counties as well as urban counties with large Hispanic and African American populations. Annually, the KY AHEC program presents over 1300 programs to more than 30000 students from early elementary school years through middle and secondary schools. Questions about region specific programming can be directed to the health career coordinator serving your region of the state. Find out who your health career coordinator is here.

Valuable Resources (compiled by our regional AHEC offices)

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Health Career Resource Guide

Explore Health Careers

Find out what's happening closer to home. The regional AHEC Centers provide health careers programming for students in elementary, middle and high school. To contact the regional AHEC site serving your region of the state, see the map.

General questions about the Health Career Pipeline Programming offered via the Area Health Education Centers across the state can be directed to or 859-323-8018.