An ambulatory pulmonary and right heart assist device (OxyRVAD) in an ovine survival model.

Wang-Zwische double lumen cannula-toward a percutaneous and ambulatory paracorporeal artificial lung.

Ambulatory oxygenator right ventricular assist device for total right heart and respiratory support.

A tetracycline analog improves acute respiratory distress syndrome survival in an ovine model.

Wang-Zwische double-lumen cannula leads to total cavopulmonary support in a failing Fontan sheep model.

A pulmonary hypertension model induced by continuous pulmonary air embolization.

Large-animal models of acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Complete respiratory support with AVCO2R and CPAP-mimic ventilation for total gas exchange in sheep.

Long-term support with an ambulatory percutaneous paracorporeal artificial lung.

Physiologic response to a simplified venovenous perfusion-induced systemic hyperthermia system.