High fishery catches through trophic cascades in China.

Detection of Ligand-induced Conformational Changes in the Activation Loop of Aurora-A Kinase by PELDOR Spectroscopy.

The Development of Selective Copying: Children's Learning From an Expert Versus Their Mother.

Elevated DNA Oxidation and DNA Repair Enzyme Expression in Brain White Matter in Major Depressive Disorder.

Burgess Reagent Facilitated Alcohol Oxidations in DMSO.

Evolutionary dynamics of tree invasions: complementing the unified framework for biological invasions.

Impulsivity and aggression mediate regional brain responses in Borderline Personality Disorder: An fMRI study.

Integration of proteomics and metabolomics to elucidate metabolic adaptation in Leishmania.

Highly Efficient Cpf1-Mediated Gene Targeting in Mice Following High Concentration Pronuclear Injection.

Combined laser ultrasonics, laser heating, and Raman scattering in diamond anvil cell system.