Proteasome regulation of ULBP1 transcription.

Human NK cells proliferate and die in vivo more rapidly than T cells in healthy young and elderly adults.

Cutting edge: microRNA-181 promotes human NK cell development by regulating Notch signaling.

Differential transcription factor use by the KIR2DL4 promoter under constitutive and IL-2/15-treated conditions.

Psychosocial resources, aging, and natural killer cell terminal maturity.

Sarcopenia, obesity, and natural killer cell immune senescence in aging: altered cytokine levels as a common mechanism.

IL-2/IL-15 activate the human clonally restricted KIR3DL1 reverse promoter.

Alloantibody to a Bw4 epitope in a Bw4+B*27: 05 patient.

Broadly reactive anti-HLA antibodies after a single unit transfusion with nonleukoreduced red blood cells.

Human leukocyte antigen Bw4 and Bw6 epitopes recognized by antibodies and natural killer cells.