Sensitivity to antibiotics of 65 strains of gonococcus isolated at Algiers in 1969-70 .

Sensitivity to antibiotics of 1,531 strains of enterobacteria .

Cholera epidemic in Algeria in 1971 .

Properties of a transferable resistance factor in Vibrio cholerae biotype eltor .

Stability of R plasmids belonging to different incompatibility groups in Vibrio cholerae "Eltor".

Ubiquity of plasmids belonging to incompatibility group B (author's transl) .

Characterization of R plasmids in "Salmonella typhi" and "S. paratyphi B" from Algeria (author's transl) .

Compatibility groups of resistance plasmids from Gram negative bacteria isolated in Algeria .

Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Application of serotyping and pyocin typing to strains isolated in Algeria .

Importance of blood culture in septicemia, particularly bacterial endocarditis .