2016 Voluntary Faculty Preceptor Award

Each year the UK Area Health Education Center recognizes a medical provider that is identified via student evaluations as an outstanding preceptor for their dedication to the voluntary faculty program.  Voluntary Faculty not only provide a clinical experience for our students, they also serve as a connection between the University of Kentucky and their community.  For nearly 30 years our voluntary faculty have been an integral part of our medical students’ education.  For example, during the previous year, voluntary faculty provided over 170 off campus rotations totaling over 600 weeks of clinical education. These individuals gladly open their practices to our medical students and not only provide a clinical experience but in many instances, introduce students to the community in which they live.  For some rotations, they are welcoming back students that are from their region.    

Selection of the recipient for the Voluntary Faculty Preceptor Award is based primarily on evaluations and clinical experience reported by our students on their AHEC evaluations.  Based on these evaluations, the 2016 Voluntary Faculty Preceptor Award was awarded to Dr. Rachel Farmer, a pediatrician for Deaconess Health in Henderson, KY. 

Upon learning of her award, Dr. Farmer responded with, “Thank you so much for honoring me with the voluntary preceptor award.  I have enjoyed having UK students over the years and look forward to working with several more of you.  Building relationships with families is what I enjoy most about my work.  I've found that most of the time if you listen closely the family leads you to the answer.  In pediatrics I also find that kids tell it like it is which makes for several good laughs each day which a couple of you have shared with me.  Best wishes to all of you as you continue on your journey.”

UK AHEC Program Director Carlos Marin, Associate Program Director Emily Chambers along with Martha Pleasant and Carol Phebus from the West AHEC office, in addition to Deaconess Chief Medical Officer Dr. Bohleber (not photographed), had the pleasure of recently traveling to Henderson, KY to hand deliver Dr. Farmer’s award.